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To me, the most enjoyable part of writing professionally is that I get to chat with people I wouldn’t normally meet. I’ve been assigned to write profiles about chefs, singers, mayors, entrepreneurs, a guy on a remote island running a rum distillery(!), models and millionaires. I get to drop into their lives briefly and talk to them about what makes them tick. My job is to ask perfect strangers intimate questions about their lives that would take months, or even years, to work up the courage to ask a co-worker or a friend. Then I’m tasked with telling their story—finding those nuggets of wisdom, humor or experience that will make a good read.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and, try as I might, I’m just not meant for a desk in an office. I worked for publishers and authors right after college, but felt the pull to try something new. For almost a decade, I ran my own landscape-design business and, before that, I managed my own boat-charter business. I really did like creating landscape designs and organizing events on boats, but the best part was getting to know new people. I’d come home and tell my husband stories about the characters I’d met and he’d say, “You’ve gotta write that down!”

So I’m facing facts: I was put on this planet to write. My tenth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Streeter, drummed grammar and punctuation into my head until I could diagram sentences in my sleep. At the time, I was pretty unhappy about it, but now I’m grateful. (Thanks Mrs. Streeter!) I admit it. I’m a grammar geek and I am addicted to the publishing industry—its hectic pace, emphasis on detail and the intrinsic reward that comes from creating a beautiful publication.

I’m always on the hunt for another story to tell. If you’re visiting my website in search of a writer or someone to edit your work, please check out my writing samples and testimonials from happy authors, clients and publishers for whom I’ve worked. Give me a call or shoot me an email. I’m looking forward to meeting you (even if it’s just for a chat about what makes you tick)!

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Stacy, you created the beautiful design, edited the text, and hung in there, time after time, to bring this book to fruition—a wonderful creation. A journalist faces special difficulties in translating the immediacy of reportage into a lasting work of creative non-fiction. I thank you for master-minding publication. My appreciation for you and your work is deep!

—Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Freedman

Author: Wall of Fame: One Teacher, One Class, and the Power to Save Schools and Transform Lives

To our art editor, Stacy Moser, goes our collective thanks for the encouragements, prodding, and zealous attention to detail.

—George B. Arfken
Author, University Physics, 2/e

Stacy, I just received a copy of the book, and want to thank you for your efforts on this text. The HBJ team did an absolutely excellent job. We could not have had a finer group of people to work with. This book has been a team effort in the best sense of the word.

—John R. Amend

Professor of Chemistry, Montana State University, Author: General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

I send special thanks to Stacy Moser for her expertise, professionalism, and good humor throughout the production of this book. Her help went far beyond that of editing.

—Mary C. Fjeldstad

Professor of English, City University of New York, Author: The Thoughtful Reader, 2/e

Since she started working here, Stacy has been an extraordinary addition to our team at South magazine. When she started, the office was in disarray, our staff was quitting left and right, and the last issue of the magazine was so full of mistakes, it was a disaster. She took the reins quickly with no time to waste and was able to turn things around—her first issue was beautiful and was something we were all proud of.

Stacy devoted herself to every part of the production process—conceptualizing and researching new articles and hiring fantastic new writers to replace subpar writers we had been using. She could easily run with the ball when we needed high-res photography—her background in art research was so valuable to me as the designer. She’s organized and punctual—someone you could count on every time, no matter what you needed. I’m all about the design of the magazine, but when I read her stories, I understood what a skilled individual she is.

And the thing is, Stacy is a lot of fun to work with—she never has a bad day. She’s a lot of fun to chat with. She knows how to talk with people—even the grumpiest subject would end up smiling at the end of an interview with her. In short, Stacy is a people person who knows how to bring out the best in her staff. Our interns were devoted to her.

—Julius Woodward, Art Director, South magazine